Fuel Injection Tuning - Qualified EFI help

Fuel Injection Tuning - Qualified EFI help

Work with Horsepower Connection for your EFI Tuning Project

Most of this industry is full of tuners who don't like to show you what they are doing because they "do it the best." or believe that everything they are doing is a "Speed Secret." We take a totally different approach to tuning. Through the tuning process Brian likes to explain what does what and how it works so we can educate our customers to have a better understanding of how their car works. This makes you better customer and us better tuners, in the end it makes you better at taking care of your own car. By the end of your tuning appointment you will be set up to do your own datalogging and have our remote tuning software installed on your laptop for future help with change.

Brian is an EFI University Instructor, he flies around the country teaching how to tune EFI at dyno shops across the country. He also teaches and supports the FAST XFI class for FAST/EFI University. He wrote the FAST XFI 101 training manual and you will find him helping on the web forums at www.turbomustangs.comwww.efi101.com and www.cpgnation.com

You can also reach us by phone or e-mail for questions about EFI you may have. If you create a account on our site you will gain access to our tech articles, and more information than what is on the public side.

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