Chassis Dyno

With the use of a chassis dyno, a vehicle’s primary drivetrain components, including the engine, transmission, and differential as well as vehicle components such as the braking, cooling, and clutch systems, can be properly operated throughout a vehicle’s power and speed range. Assembly or component deficiencies can be detected before the vehicle is driven and an actual evaluation of an engine’s operating condition may be performed. The dynamometer is the final quality test before a vehicle is put into service or on the track.

Whether a moped or a full-blown alcohol dragster, we can dyno! We can help diagnose an issue and help rectify the problem.



Chassis Dyno Tuning - $150/hr

Chassis Dyno rate - $100 for 3 pulls









  • Verify the effects of the upgrades and modifications to your car.
  • Major changes to your vehicle? Stop or minimize potential mechanical or electrical problems at the track or on the street.
  • Most cost effective way for improving performance. You can learn more about what is wrong with your combo before going to race.
  • Save wear and tear on your vehicle, and track time by tuning in a controlled environment.


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